I am trying very hard to write my essay and am still finding that there is too much going on and it is difficult to order my thoughts. So as usual I have been distracted easily by the kitchen and facebook and the videos. I started so well, going through all the 9 lessons to pull out relevant information that I should include in the essay. I tried to match this to the learning outcomes of the essay and added to my submission proposal. I have added to the essay I started and have made progress, but I still feel it isn't flowing well or getting to the bit that is stuck in my brain. Writing reports is so much easier as there is a required format. The essay seems more difficult because there is no strict format.

Anyway in my wanderings I came across this video which is a revelation to how I should write my essay! It talks about Kolb's Learning Cycle and I realised is the format for this professional diary as well: Write up your experience; reflect on your experience; draw on theory and consider the insights gained from your reflective experience and how this may be applied more broadly and then use activity to apply your knew knowledge to test out your theories and you've guessed it create new experiences ... and so the cycle continues!
So I have experienced the logically presented video which clearly explains the theory - an overview, followed by the individual parts with clear reference to each other (how clever to use someone new each time to create interest and a different way of putting it!) and then a summary of why this theory is important and the kinds of aversion to using it properly & why using it can help.
I value the clarity of presentation and the use of a media which although not active can create an active approach in those that listen!
If I draw together my own experience of teaching and coaching then this experience, review, give some theory and breadth and then apply to a new situation is often used in the active teaching strategies or as an overview.
I am going to try to apply the systematic approach to writing some more of my essay now
Caren Taylor
9/12/2012 07:35:27 pm

Hi Janet, this blog demonstrates some of your great personal qualities. You have been able to reflect on what you find difficult and apply your excellent problem solving skills to move forwards. Well done for being sufficiently motivated to research possible solutions; this shows that despite your initial reaction of doubt in yourself, you have the self awareness and tenacity to move forward where others may get stuck for much longer.

Never be afraid to ask for help from whoever you think may be able to offer it. If they choose not to help, ask someone else, do not get despondent.

It is interesting to consider that you desired clearer boundaries on how to format an essay, but also acknowledge your own difficulty in setting boundaries such as turning facebook off and creating a work environment outside of the kitchen to help you focus.


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