So we discussed more about references to the point of overload ... it is just a matter of formatting! Also discussed (again) how to start the essay for Unit 1 and about not knowing how the essay would look yet, BUT it does need starting! So to start .... describe myself wrt teaching & learning (perhaps) ... consider the outcomes but write about your own practice in relation to the Unit title! I am not worried by this now ... but first I want to get some thoughts on paper based on Monday's session ....
I deliver this on our coach educator course at UKCC Level 1 and use the whole group to come up with ideas, which then break down into topics such as
ETHICAL responsibility
LEADER & Inspirational
KNOWLEDGE of the subject but understanding of limitations

** Thinking about monitoring learning sparked a question from me to Ian regarding what is FORMATIVE & SUMMATIVE assessment. I have heard the terms but struggle to remember exactly what they mean ... so

FORMATIVE assessment is assessing at the beginning and during the course, using QUESTIONING, QUIZZES, OBSERVATION etc and is ongoing: I do this all the time in coaching, especially when tying to decide what to coach next ... the question to myself is

"What one thing can I coach that will make the most improvement?"

There are tools such as thinking about Boat, Body, Blade, Brain & Background during observations and the Observation Funnel of holistic, deductive and analytical referred to by Loel Collins in the British Canoe Union (2006: 29) .

SUMMATIVE assessment is about assessing the learning at the end of a course, which could be a FORMAL EXAM. QUESTIONING, DEMONSTRATION (in teaching coaching we observe coaching sessions and evaluate against criteria).

One thing is for sure any kind of assessment must be based on levels of understanding. For example if I assess a paddler canoeing I will be assessing against a star award set out by the Governing Body for canoeing The British Canoe Union or a coaching award criteria which have been created with the UKCC, which is a body which oversee sports coaching across many disciplines.

I think this is right as whenever we assess somebody we will be basing that on our own experience and to make this uniform across teachers there needs to be a definitive set of criteria. However it is always difficult to know whether everyone has the right end of the stick and so we end up with QUALITY ASSESSMENT and I guess we could say the quality assessors need checking to and so on. Perhaps recognised paper exams are the right form of assessment as at least there is some commonality! Discussion for another day perhaps!

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