The day when we see if the students have learnt anything during their first assessed coaching session. On top of that we had an internal verifier from the BCU in to assess our delivery. He was there to assess the Course Director who had developed the course, managed me as a tutor, delivering the sessions and so on. Today was split into 4 sections:

1. Review of the day before in the style of "What's the story in Balamory?"
2. Coaching assessment of each student. They were split into 2 groups one to be assessed by me and one assessed by the course director. We have a set of criteria to tick and a box to fill with comments so we can evidence what we see in relation to the criteria
3. A safety assessment where students must perform a series of rescues.
4. The day finished with a lecture about Long Term Paddler Development which I delivered as a more interactive session as it was clear at the end of the day talking at them was not going to work!

The young people did themselves proud in my group and nailed good IDEAS (Introduction, Demonstration, Explanation, Activity & Summary) sessions and some of them even tried using some of the coaching techniques like directive, self check, recipricol and guided discovery, which was good to see. All of them included feedback in their sessions: fluffy and constructive and most tried to make that individual feedback.

We have criteria to meet like any assessment and I know it is important to evidence rather than just tick box, so I made sure I made appropriate notes and added questions asked. This is quite hard when sitting outside next to a river!

Feedback from the quality assurance chap was positive and constructive. He liked my notes and questions and asked me where else I could evidence criteria. From the students plan and review sheets - these check that they have listened to their feedback from the session and are beginning to understand the need to write this down. It would be interesting to visit these students down the line and see if they still use plans and reviews for their sessions.

The hardest thing today, was that the students wanted to stay active, so there is no time between sessions to write everything up onto the forms, as you are watching the next session.

I supervised the safety assessment too & despite organising the order with some thought it still felt chaotic. Trying to be clear with instructions when the students just want to get going is hard. Perhaps a written list of the requirements is needed, or videoing so we can watch later? I would much rather set up scenarios for each student and treat like a coaching session where we had feedback on decisions made and so on. Perhaps I will try and develop something like that and run it past Leo.

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